Muhlenberg College was founded upon the ideal that a strong liberal arts education provides a solid foundation for additional learning and success in almost any endeavor—and that a truly great education, according to our first president Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, “contemplates the education of one’s conscience and the cultivation of one’s heart…”

This ethos remains at the core of our community.

Our Network: Four Years Of College, A Lifetime Of Opportunities

Career Center
The Career Center assists students in exploring careers, finding jobs and seeking admission to graduate school. Students are encouraged to begin using the office as early as their first year.

Muhlenberg Mentor Network
The Muhlenberg Mentor Network includes over 2,350 Muhlenberg alumni (and growing!) in a broad array of career fields who provide mentorship and career coaching to this generation of Muhlenberg students. They provide advice about resumes, help students compete for summer internships, offer informational interviews and sometimes make that phone call or open a door that leads to a first job after college.

Our community finds that lasting opportunities for success begin with an internship as early as possible in our students’ college careers. We view the internship matching process holistically. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents work together to ensure that each student finds multiple ways to connect to the internships they seek to explore.

This process often begins at The Career Center, where students search through our comprehensive database of fields, disciplines and cities. At other times, students work one-on-one with their advisor, other faculty members or alumni to set goals and define the optimal paths forward.

Meet Our Alumni

Our alumni do great things. Whether they are our leaders in business, education, medicine, law, or the performing arts, Muhlenberg alumni can be found in top positions throughout the world.

Want to find out where Muhlenberg students have landed after graduation? See our complete listing of career surveys below:




Office of Admissions

Address Muhlenberg College Office of Admissions 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104